What's new?

ONSTAGE – Within the partnership of this project the employability of young people with migration background in future workplaces were evaluated. Therefore a meeting took place in Lisbon from October 24th -25th to discuss first project outcomes and achievements as well as next steps for the upcoming tasks. The main aims were to involve more people and gain material for trainers to use in class, which targeted on life skills required in jobs of the construction, health, tourism, retail and transport/storage sectors.

National activities have been focusing on gathering ideas and practices used or needed by education experts and work place HR managers. From now on the developed products will be tested and real life experience will be provided. Partners will use the ONSTAGE site with learners and promote the material to stakeholders inside their own organisations as well as within their networks.

The next ONSTAGE meeting with international stakeholders will take place in Spain in September 2015. Feedback and lessons learnt will be discussed and final outcomes will be shared.